The Center for Engaged Learning and Teaching (CELT) provides pedagogy workshops and seminars, book clubs, one-on-one consultations, a lending library, and assistance with teaching portfolios to faculty. 

Faculty, includes full time, part time, tenure and non-tenure track positions, grad teaching assistants, and adjuncts who are currently or will be teaching at the wide range of campus locations and programs.  

The proposed programs listed below are subject to change to reflect the needs and desires of Tulane’s faculty.     

CELT is committed to fulfill it's Core Purpose: 

To create meaningful learning through exceptional teaching. 

CELT + ILC Suite Reservations

CELT and the Innovative Learning Center is located in the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, 7001 Freret Street, New Orleans, La [3rd Floor, Suite 300].

Open to faculty to reserve. View reservation guidelines.

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Teach Anywhere Office Hours

CELT, in partnership with IT’s Innovative Learning Center (ILC), are hosting in person Classroom Demonstrations next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The purpose of these trainings is to familiarize faculty and staff with Tulane’s technology enhanced learning spaces. For more info, please visit the Teach Anywhere toolkit.

Teach Anywhere Office Hours
These are open office hours for faculty to meet with the CELT and ILC staff.  We will be holding consulting hours for you to drop in online and work with us directly on your course content. 

Spring 2024 Office Hours | Mondays and Thursdays | 12PM - 1PM  | via ZOOM 


Faculty Workshop Series

CELT Workshops are held frequently throughout the semester on a variety of topics of interest to faculty and/or anyone engaged in the classroom. Essentially informal conversations, these workshops are led by a member of the Tulane community on a topic of their choice. This is an opportunity for faculty at all ranks, from, adjunct to full professor, as well as graduate students, postdocs, and staff who are interested to meet and talk about teaching and showcase the innovative work they’re doing in their classes, with the aim of improving the classroom experience for students. Major workshop themes include pedagogy, mentorship, diversity, technology, faculty wellness, and HR topics. Workshops are among CELT’s most popular and well-attended programs.

Spring 2024 CELT Events Schedule 


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Faculty Bookclub

The CELT Faculty Book Club provides 10 educators, from across departments and schools, the opportunity to read and discuss books on a variety of pedagogy and learning theory topics. Conversations range from the macro level, how to improve the academy, to more micro topics relating to each participant’s individual class. Most importantly, the book club creates a structure in which participants can talk about teaching in a supportive environment around a common theme. The book club meets twice per semester, usually on campus. CELT purchases the books for all members. 

Spring 2024 CELT Book Club: 

Verified: How to Think Straight, Get Duped Less, and Make Better Decisions about What to Believe Online (November 2023, 1st Edition)
Mike Caulfield & Sam Wineburg

The internet brings information to our fingertips almost instantly. The result is that we often jump to thinking too fast, without taking a few moments to verify the source before engaging with a claim or viral piece of media. Information literacy expert Mike Caulfield and educational researcher Sam Wineburg are here to enable us to take a moment for due diligence with this informative, approachable guide to the internet. With this illustrated tool kit, you will learn to identify red flags, get quick context, and make better use of common websites like Google and Wikipedia that can help and hinder in equal measure.
This how-to guide will teach you how to use the web to verify the web, quickly and efficiently, including how to
•     Verify news stories and other events in as little as thirty seconds (seriously)
•     Determine if the article you’re citing is by a reputable scholar or a quack
•     Detect the slippery tactics scammers use to make their sites look credible
•     Decide in a minute if that shocking video is truly shocking
•     Deduce who’s behind a site—even when its ownership is cleverly disguised
•     Uncover if that feature story is actually a piece planted by a foreign government
•     Use Wikipedia wisely to gain a foothold on new topics and leads for digging deeper

Book Club is now closed to members only.

Faculty Grading Break

At the end of each semester CELT hosts Faculty Grading Breaks to reward you for all your hard work. Past events have featured crepes and gelletes from Crepes Rendezvous, wine or champagne, and massage chairs. They are a great way to socialize, eat, and relax during the often stressful grading period at the end of the semester.

Thursday, May 2, 2024 | 3PM - 5PM

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Think, Design, Make

CELT hosts annual Think, Design, Make workshops in partnership with the Scot Ackerman MakerSpace to bring faculty a 2 day creative workshop to introduce the MakerSpace on Tulane's uptown campus and design-thinking skills that can be used inside and outside the classroom.

Fall 2024 Think, Design, Make 

Wednesday, August 7 | 9am to 3pm
Thursday, August 8 and Friday, August 9 | 9am to 1pm

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Faculty Learning Communities

Faculty Learning Communities are groups of 4 to 12 faculty members, engaged in a collaborative year-long study of a pedagogy, teaching-related, or leadership theme, held at least monthly.
The purpose of FLCs is to provide faculty with the opportunity to study a pedagogy related topic, in-depth & in a small cohort, foster interdisciplinary communication, and to produce materials (guides, workshops, scholarly articles) that can be helpful to the larger community. 

AY: 2022-2023:
Incorporating Inclusive Pedagogy in a Large Class 

AY: 2021-2022:
Modified and Adaptive Language Pedagogy 
Data Visualization across Disciplines

AY: 2019-2020:
Inclusive Excellence: How Do We Evaluate Teaching Effectiveness and Inclusion
Digital Textbook Working Group
Applying Design Thinking Across Teaching and Learning in Multiple Disciplines

AY: 2018-2019:
Critical Service Learning
Difficult Dialogues 
Teaching Large Classes 
What Predicts Success in Struggling Students


Data Literacy Course (Re)Design Institute

This weeklong, in-person institute, limited to just 15 participants, will provide faculty from across a variety of disciplines with knowledge, resources, and support to (re)design a course infused with data literacy principles. The institute will be led by a nationally-recognized data scholar, Amelia McNamara, Associate Professor of University of Saint Thomas, Department of Computer and Information Science.

At the end of this institute, a successful participant will:

  • complete a selection of readings and written reflection prior to the start of the institute;
  • attend all days of the institute, participate in all institute activities;
  • submit a reflection at the end of the institute and a new or revised syllabus.
    • In addition, access to view changes made to your Canvas course may be necessary.

CELT Summer 2024 (Re)Design Institute | Monday 20, 2024 through Friday, May 24, 2024
Daily Schedule: 9am to 4pm


Participants will receive a $1,000 stipend for participation and successful (re)design of a syllabus for a course being taught in the 2024-2025 academic year.

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This is a competitive application process. Applications will be reviewed by committee. Notification will be sent via email by Monday, May 6.


Pictured below are faculty who participated in the Summer 2023 Inclusive & Equitable Course (Re)Design Institute

2023 (Re) Design Institute


Universal Design for Learning Academy

Are you curious about ways of thinking about teaching and learning that helps give all students an equal opportunity to succeed? Incorporating Universal Design for Learning (UDL) into the design of your class is the solution.

Summer 2024 UDL Academy is taking place online Monday, July 15th - Wednesday, July 16th, 2024.

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5-Minute Teaching/Research Collaborations

Imagine speed dating, but instead of romantic hopefuls sitting across from each other at small tables, picture Tulane professors, eager to join forces, interested in the development of an innovative, interdisciplinary class. This workshop brings together professors hailing from many different fields of study. Each round, two professors, paired randomly, sit down for 8 minutes and develop a class or paper they could work on together. After four or five rounds, the group then votes on the most creative idea and the most actionable idea.

Previously, one of the winning titles, from Architecture and Neuroscience was “Architecture in Sickness & Health:  Hospitals, Prisons, and Schools.”  Another, from Art History and Cellular Biology was “Imagining and Imaging Mutants through Natural History Illustrations.”

5-Minute Research Collaboration Fall 2019 Prize Winners: 

Sean Knowlton (Howard-Tilton Memorial Library) Most Doable

Kathleen Ferris (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) Most Doable

Nicholas Mattei (Computer Science) Most Creative

Mary Glavan (English) Most Creative

2019 5-Minute Collaboration Winners


Sparking Success: A Faculty Development Conference

Sparking Success is a platform where faculty of all disciplines and experience levels can share best practices, innovative approaches, and practical ideas to enhance any aspect of faculty life.
Visit the Sparking Success website for details regarding our previous 2023-2024 conference.

7th Annual Sparking Success: Faculty Development Conference will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, January 8th and 9th, 2025.

Our conference speaker is Sarah Rose Cavanagh, author of The Spark of Learning: Energizing the College Classroom with the Science of Emotion (CELT Book Club Spring 2021)  and Mind Over Monsters (CELT Book Club Fall 2024)!

Call for Proposals! CELT is accepting proposals for interactive breakout sessions that will take place on Thursday, January 9th. All faculty are encouraged to submit. Please share with interested colleagues.