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CELT curates and sends a bi-weekly newsletter geared towards all faculty, staff, postdocs, and graduate students with a teaching position. Our newsletter is the best way to find out about funding opportunities and deadlines, learn about what colleagues are doing in their classrooms, and stay up to date on our programming. All faculty should automatically receive our newsletter, if you believe you should be receiving our newsletter but do not see it in your inbox, please see "Newsletter Tips" for help. If you are a staff member, postdoc, or graduate student and would like to receive our newsletter, please subscribe below.


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Thoughts From the Field Archive

Spring/Fall 2018

1/8/2018 - Happy New Year and Welcome Back - by: Susann Lusnia
1/16/2018 - Stress-Busting 101 - by: Amy Pfrimmer 
1/22/2018 - Tips to Starting the Semester Strong - by: Harry T. Cole
1/29/2018 - Movement, Doceri, and Engaging Classrooms - by: Toni Weiss
2/5/2018 - Students and Alcohol - What's the Big Deal - by: Scott Tims
2/14/2018 - The Impact of Undergraduate Research and A Faculty Mentor - by: Nicolette Levy c/o 2019
2/19/2018 - Beyond the Graduate Assistant Basement: Professional Development in Teaching - by: Kim Sherman
2/26/2018 - The Importance of Your Voice in Institutional Data - by: Liv Newman 
3/5/2018 - Observations On Peer Observations - by: Holly Flora
3/12/2018 - Why I'm Not Returning Midterms - by: Toni Weiss
4/3/2018 - 360 Courses as A Path to New Interest - by: Maxwell Whetstone c/o 2020
4/16/2018 - Using Gradebook in Canvas - by: Liv Newman
4/23/2018 - The Consummate Un-Natualness - by: Edie Wolfe 
5/1/2018 - Reflecting on Serendipity and Transitions - by: Susann Lusnia

8/27/2018 - CELT and You - by: Toni Weiss
9/10/2018 - About the Importance of Role Models - by: Kerstin Honer Zu Bentrup
9/24/2018 - Goals and Surprises in the Global Classroom - by: Mallory Monaco Caterine
10/8/2018 - Supporting Holistic Development - by: Liv Newman
10/22/2018 - On Mentoring... - by: Meenakshi Vijayaraghavan
11/5/2018 - The Biology of Teaching - by: Donata Henry
12/10/2018 - Just Do It - by: Toni Weiss