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Monday, March 7th, 2022

Monday, February 21st, 2022


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Thoughts From the Field Archive

Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

8/4/2020 - And Away We Go ... - by: Toni Weiss
8/17/2020 - The Accidental Conversation - by: Toni Weiss
10/12/2020 - Navigating the Pandemic Pivot in Performing Arts - by: Jenny Mercein
10/26/2020 - Overcoming the Mid-Term Slump - by: Liv Newman
11/30/2020 - Fall 2020 - Need I say More? - by: Toni Weiss
1/18/2021 - Don't Forget to Breathe - by: Toni Weiss
2/1/2021 - Accessibility in Course Design - by: Eunice Ofori
2/15/2021 - The Best Canvas for your Students - by: Donata Henry
3/1/2021 - Fostering Inclusive Pedagogy - by: Liv Newman
3/15/2021 - Lessons Learning from Teaching to Transgress Book Club - by: Liv Newman


Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

8/26/2019 - CELT's Big Move - by: Toni Weiss
9/9/2019 - Emergency Preparedness - by: Liv Newman
10/21/2019 - Teaching Smarter - by: Donata Henry
12/9/2019 - Fall 2019 - by: Toni Weiss
1/13/2020 - Airing My Dirty Laundry - by: Toni Weiss
1/27/2020 - Letters of Recommendation - by: Charlotte Maheu Vail
3/2/2020 - Imaginary Hallways - by: Dorothy J. Cheruiyot
3/16/2020 - Keep Calm and Carry On - by: Liv Newman

Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

8/27/2018 - CELT and You - by: Toni Weiss
9/10/2018 - About the Importance of Role Models - by: Kerstin Honer Zu Bentrup
9/24/2018 - Goals and Surprises in the Global Classroom - by: Mallory Monaco Caterine
10/8/2018 - Supporting Holistic Development - by: Liv Newman
10/22/2018 - On Mentoring... - by: Meenakshi Vijayaraghavan
11/5/2018 - The Biology of Teaching - by: Donata Henry
12/10/2018 - Just Do It - by: Toni Weiss
1/28/2019 - Sparking Success - by: Toni Weiss
2/11/2019 - Difficult Dialogues - by: Liv Newman
2/25/2019 - Peer Observers - A Student Perspective - by Alina Volkova
3/25/2019 - Allowing Joy to Overcome Fear: Leassons from the VASTA/PAVA Conference - by: Jenny Mercein
4/29/2019 - Before this Semester Ends - by: Toni Weiss